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Letters From Our Fans


Because of Ryan's efforts and those of his fantastic team, this patient was able to be exactly where she and her family needed her to be.  In a small town such as Burns, Ryan's commitment to the serving of the community is noticed and is highly valued.  We will continue to recommend The Aspens to our patients and those needing supportive care.

- Deana L. Altman, Interim CNO

Harney District Hospital


The love, care and support you gave Grandma during her last years made it a "wonderful place to live". Those were her words. It was a comfort to us toknow she was not only well taken care of, but genuinely loved.

– Family Member

We are indeed thankful and grateful for the kind, compassionate and tender care that you provided Mom for the past 2 1/2 years. She loved each of you and so appreciated everything you did for her. We are thankful for The Aspens and for its dedicated, trained and caring staff. Keep up the Good Work - Harney County needs you!

– Family Member

Taking Mom to her doctor appointment was the nicest gift you could have given to Dad. Your act of kindness was not a small gesture to him; it was "huge"! All things considered, he was so relieved when you offered to step in and take his place. Thank you so much (from all of us) for helping Mom (and Dad) with this appointment. They were very appreciative of your special care and concern.


Family Member

We appreciate so much all that you have done for Grandma - the care went way beyond what was necessary - you showed her great love and caring also. You are wonderful people.


– Family Member

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